Architectural Coating/Painting

Exterior paints and coatings are not only an aesthetic feature of a building, but are also a protective measure against the elements. When they breakdown, unsightly chips and cracks can lead to water penetration into the building envelope, promoting dampness, mold and even heat loss. Unlike interior paints, exterior paints and coatings are specially designed to offer waterproofing, resistance to colour fading, and offer high flexibility to prevent chipping and cracking as buildings expand and contract with fluctuating temperatures. They are meant to last significantly longer than traditional paints and require a trained installation team to be applied.

Before application, the surface to be coated/painted must be well prepared to ensure proper adhesion and an optimal aesthetic appearance: existing cracks and other wall defects are repaired, old paint is removed and the surface thoroughly cleaned with the right tools. Our experts at S.A.B Building Restoration specialize in selecting the best type of high-quality coating for the project and our attention to detail ensures a long-lasting, beautiful result.

Caulking and Sealant Application Project Gallery

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