Balcony Restoration

Balcony concrete repair and restoration is an important step in the maintenance of commercial and residential high-rise buildings. As buildings age and are subjected to regular rain, ice and snow, concrete spalling and corrosion of railings and structural supports will occur. Not only are poorly-maintained balconies a serious safety hazard, but they also detract from the aesthetic appeal of the building and should be addressed in a timely manner.

SAB Restoration specializes in all services related to balcony restoration and repair, concrete slab replacement and repair of damaged or deteriorating soffit, including application of waterproofing membranes, A safe balcony is always top-of-mind so all major structural projects begin with an in-depth assessment and consultation with building engineers to ensure a long-lasting result that meets or exceeds building code standards. Our expert team can also help to update the visual appearance of ageing balconies with balcony guard rail upgrades, painting and repairs.

Balcony Restoration Project Gallery

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