Caulking and Sealant Application

Caulking and sealant are used to seal cracks as well as the spaces between building materials like window and door frames. They play an important role in insulating a building from water penetration, seepage of cold air from the outside, and even as a barrier to pests.
Caulking and sealants differ mostly in their elasticity. Caulking can be painted, but dries more rigid and is prone to cracking in areas that are susceptible to expansion and contraction. Sealants can’t be painted, but are flexible when dry and are best used on surfaces that experience fluctuations in temperature, like the exterior of Toronto buildings. With this in mind, it’s important to use the appropriate product for the job. In addition, caulking and sealants come in different formulations and it takes an expert to know which is best to use.

From large high-rise balcony restoration to small residential projects, S.A.B Building Restoration has extensive experience in detecting and replacing faulty, cracked and missing caulking and sealant. Our expert team works to insulate your building from the elements, preventing more serious damage from water seepage and pests.

Caulking and Sealant Application Project Gallery

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