Masonry Restoration

Our technicians expertly replace deteriorating bricks and mortar and perform through wall flashing replacement to prevent water infiltration into the wall cavity. We do our best to match the colour, texture and type of brick and mortar to the existing exterior for a seamless repair. We provide all masonry services, from brick replacement and cleaning to tuck point repair. It’s important to take care of masonry issues promptly to prevent worsening and more costly structural damage.

When moisture enters the interior of bricks, whether through the porous surface or cracks due to damage or poor installation, it can lead to spalling, flaking and crumbling brick. Poor drainage and water pooling around window sills, eavestroughs, doorways and exterior walls make these areas more prone to masonry degradation. If not addressed, water can seep through the bricks and cause more extensive damage to the interior walls they’re meant to protect.

Masonry Restoration Project Gallery

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