S.A.B Building Restoration Ltd. provides both roof repairs and roof replacements. Suppose your roof is not yet at the end of its lifespan but has concerns. A simple roof repair may be all you need. Your first step is to call in a roofing expert to examine the extent of damage and confirm whether repairs are the best course of action. Minor roof issues such as leaks or missing shingles call for basic repairs, while more severe roofing problems require a complete roof replacement.

S.A.B roofing professionals can provide expert recommendations on the best route to take while considering your roof’s age, warranty, timeline and budget. Please speak to one of our roofing service professionals today to learn more about our repair service.

If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan or you suspect damage to your roof decks, such as rot or sagging, S.A.B. can help with a roof replacement. Our roofing service professionals can assist you in answering essential questions during one of our complimentary multi-point roof inspections. We’ll do a complete analysis of your roof and provide you with a full list of options to ensure your roofing solution is optimal. Our friendly roofing experts have the training and experience necessary to evaluate the state of your roof and advise you accordingly.

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