Balcony Restoration

Balcony concrete repair and restoration is an important step in the maintenance of commercial and residential high-rise buildings. As buildings age and are subjected to regular rain, ice and snow, concrete spalling and corrosion of railings and structural supports will occur. Not only are poorly-maintained balconies a serious safety hazard, but they also detract from the aesthetic appeal of the building and should be addressed in a timely manner.

SAB Restoration specializes in all services related to balcony restoration and repair, concrete slab replacement and repair of damaged or deteriorating soffit, including application of waterproofing membranes, A safe balcony is always top-of-mind so all major structural projects begin with an in-depth assessment and consultation with building engineers to ensure a long-lasting result that meets or exceeds building code standards. Our expert team can also help to update the visual appearance of ageing balconies with balcony guard rail upgrades, painting and repairs.

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Masonry Restoration

Our technicians expertly replace deteriorating bricks and mortar and perform through wall flashing replacement to prevent water infiltration into the wall cavity. We do our best to match the colour, texture and type of brick and mortar to the existing exterior for a seamless repair. We provide all masonry services, from brick replacement and cleaning to tuck point repair. It’s important to take care of masonry issues promptly to prevent worsening and more costly structural damage.

When moisture enters the interior of bricks, whether through the porous surface or cracks due to damage or poor installation, it can lead to spalling, flaking and crumbling brick. Poor drainage and water pooling around window sills, eavestroughs, doorways and exterior walls make these areas more prone to masonry degradation. If not addressed, water can seep through the bricks and cause more extensive damage to the interior walls they’re meant to protect.

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Caulking and Sealant Application

Caulking and sealant are used to seal cracks as well as the spaces between building materials like window and door frames. They play an important role in insulating a building from water penetration, seepage of cold air from the outside, and even as a barrier to pests.
Caulking and sealants differ mostly in their elasticity. Caulking can be painted, but dries more rigid and is prone to cracking in areas that are susceptible to expansion and contraction. Sealants can’t be painted, but are flexible when dry and are best used on surfaces that experience fluctuations in temperature, like the exterior of Toronto buildings. With this in mind, it’s important to use the appropriate product for the job. In addition, caulking and sealants come in different formulations and it takes an expert to know which is best to use.

From large high-rise balcony restoration to small residential projects, S.A.B Building Restoration has extensive experience in detecting and replacing faulty, cracked and missing caulking and sealant. Our expert team works to insulate your building from the elements, preventing more serious damage from water seepage and pests.

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Architectural Coating/Painting

Exterior paints and coatings are not only an aesthetic feature of a building, but are also a protective measure against the elements. When they breakdown, unsightly chips and cracks can lead to water penetration into the building envelope, promoting dampness, mold and even heat loss. Unlike interior paints, exterior paints and coatings are specially designed to offer waterproofing, resistance to colour fading, and offer high flexibility to prevent chipping and cracking as buildings expand and contract with fluctuating temperatures. They are meant to last significantly longer than traditional paints and require a trained installation team to be applied.

Before application, the surface to be coated/painted must be well prepared to ensure proper adhesion and an optimal aesthetic appearance: existing cracks and other wall defects are repaired, old paint is removed and the surface thoroughly cleaned with the right tools. Our experts at S.A.B Building Restoration specialize in selecting the best type of high-quality coating for the project and our attention to detail ensures a long-lasting, beautiful result.

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Underground Garage Structure Repairs

Underground parking garages are primarily concrete and reinforced steel structures that require regular upkeep to prevent serious safety hazards due to physical wear and tear and age-related degradation.

After an in-depth assessment, S.A.B Building Restoration will help put together a detailed plan to rehabilitate the underground parking garage. We work on small localized repairs like damaged columns and beams as well as complete parking garage restorations. We perform all services related to demolition, concrete slab repair and replacement, crack injections, application of waterproofing and traffic toppings, as well as painting services. Special attention is made to ensure the safety of the area where the work is being done to minimize hazards for the general pedestrian and vehicle traffic, as well as for our team. Surfaces are well prepared prior to work to ensure maximum adhesion of substrates and the best waterproofing. We work with specialized equipment and high-quality materials to extend the life of treated surfaces and to ensure that all work meets or exceeds building code standards.

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