Underground Garage Structure Repairs

Underground parking garages are primarily concrete and reinforced steel structures that require regular upkeep to prevent serious safety hazards due to physical wear and tear and age-related degradation.

After an in-depth assessment, S.A.B Building Restoration will help put together a detailed plan to rehabilitate the underground parking garage. We work on small localized repairs like damaged columns and beams as well as complete parking garage restorations. We perform all services related to demolition, concrete slab repair and replacement, crack injections, application of waterproofing and traffic toppings, as well as painting services. Special attention is made to ensure the safety of the area where the work is being done to minimize hazards for the general pedestrian and vehicle traffic, as well as for our team. Surfaces are well prepared prior to work to ensure maximum adhesion of substrates and the best waterproofing. We work with specialized equipment and high-quality materials to extend the life of treated surfaces and to ensure that all work meets or exceeds building code standards.

Underground Garage Structure Repairs Gallery

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