Windows Installations

Windows are a key component of any dwelling by helping to keep the building envelope tight while allowing sunlight into your home. S.A.B. provides window retrofit and replacement services for existing high-rise, rental, commercial, and condominium buildings. This could be a simple replacement, such as replacing a single window glass or entry door in a building or installing or replacing new aluminum or vinyl windows and doors in existing buildings.

Our team of professionals can come to you, look at the damage, and then recommend windows that best suit your needs. All the windows we install are energy-efficient, weather-resistant, and backed by warranty.

Retrofit installation is often recommended to customers who want to preserve the existing look of the building. In a retrofit installation, new units are inserted into existing frames. All window hardware, including casings, jamb extensions, and brick moulds, get replaced in a full-frame installation. The existing frame in your windows is torn out down to the brick. This ensures there is no hidden moisture or damage left in the structure. By cleaning up the rough opening, the installers can also assess your home’s needs better. This installation also ultimately ensures a longer life for your new windows.

Whether you’re seeking the charm of traditional wooden frames, the energy efficiency of modern window designs, or anything in between, our skilled team is ready to serve your needs. We’re recognized for our dedication to quality, durability, and client satisfaction.

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